Parents’ day concert 2014-15

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October 14, 2015
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Parents’ day concert 2014-15

This was the 5th Parents’ day concert of Footprint Montessori. Our team was very excited and wanted to make it special. The event was usually held in a large hall with a make shift stage. This time we chose a proper auditorium with good seating and acoustics. The excitement was unending.

Children started practicing for the annual day from October. The initial days were trying for us adults and baffling for the children as they learnt the steps for the dances. The older children were dancing for 2 numbers. They surprised us with their talent; not even once did they get confused wit the dance steps for the different dances. They were little adults. Nothing is as satisfying as the joy we get when we see our little ones wiggle their bodies to the music. And of course, all the adults awaken the child in them and boogey with the little tots.

Some children (of ages 3, 4 and 5) were chosen to speak on stage. They were naturals. Once they heard the lines a couple of times, they were ready to say them out. They were made to practice with the microphone each day, so that they are used to the echo of their voices booming out in the auditorium.

What they wore was another chapter altogether. Younger children prefer comfortable clothing. So keeping with the theme of the songs, we had to plan their outfit. The older kids very willingly wore the “ghagra-cholis” and the “kurti-pyjamas”.

Rehearsals in the auditorium happened smoothly much to our surprise. Children got a feel of the place and understood the purpose their practice for nearly 2 months.

The d-day came in with a bang! All adults gathered at the school and arrived bright and early at the auditorium. Children started pouring in – quite on time. Soon the older children were changed in to their costume for the first dance.

We started the event on time! Many thanks to the audience for being in the auditorium on time. We had a surprise for everyone; we had invited the students from the very first year of Footprint Montessori to attend the event. They were invited on stage to light the Lamp to commence the concert. They were given mementos as a keepsake from school. Children had practiced to make announcements before each dance. The various dances went on smoothly. In between a few parents were invited on stage to share their experiences with regards to Footprint Montessori. The children who had practiced lines to tell their parents about the life cycle of a butterfly and a plant, did so with aplomb! Thus ended a beautiful phase in the academic year.

Shivamala Narasappa
Shivamala Narasappa
Shivamala has been teaching children using the Montessori methods in India and abroad. She has trained in the USA and has a Diploma in Montessori education from AMI (Association Montessori Internationale along with a Masters in Education (M.Ed.) degree from Loyola college in Maryland (USA). Shivamala also has B.Sc. and MBA degrees.Teaching and working with children is a passion, that inspired her to start her own Montessori pre-school in Richmond town, Bangalore.

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