• My 3 year-old brat, Manith loves to go to Footprint Montessori. What I really like and admire about Footprint is the hands-on approach the teachers have towards the children. The staff is very patient and completely involved in the development of the child. Regular feedback, both, positive or otherwise is shared with the parents. This helps us parents to be more involved in the child’s grooming and development. Congratulations to Shivamala and her team for doing a wonderful job at Footprint Montessori. Best wishes always

    Manith's Happy Mama
  • The most important thing is that parents want to see their child “Live healthy and eat healthy” and this is what your school has taught my child. The school has helped her to channelize her energy in the right direction.”

    Sunit & Manisha Pareek
    Ishika's Parents
  • Footprint Montessori is a good start for Pre-school children. There are many teaching materials, mostly used in a do & learn method. The school uses phonic method to teach alphabets. This facilitates early reading in children. It is the second year for my daughter, Ria, and she has gained good knowledge in language, mathematics and social skills. She loves going to school and doesn't want to miss class even when she falls sick.

  • Footprint has ensured Zayaan has grown exponentially in all spheres. It has been instrumental in his all-round development, sharpened his analytical and cognitive skills dramatically, and given him a robust foundation for his future. We are sure there would have been no better place for him to start his education. It is a Centre of Excellence to train young minds. Shivamala has done a commendable job, Congratulations!

    Mehnaz & Muzammil
    Zayaan's Parents
  • Footprint Montessori is more than a playschool. It lets the children learn at their own pace, prodding them to the right direction when needed, and giving them unconditional love always. Teachers with loads of patience, care and concern make sure that school is interesting and inspiring.

  • Footprint Montessori is a stellar institute offering integral attributes of creativity, personal care, a delightful learning environment and attention to detail. As parents, we could not ask for a more apt institution for our little one.

    Archana Jain
  • I thank Shivamala very much for the care and support given to my daughter Lakshmi. She has begun doing her home work independently whether it is the numbers, colouring or music. She was very shy earlier but now she has started to mingle. The stage fear also seems to have disappeared as she participated in the stage show conducted by the school. I would like to give you the entire credit for molding her character along with us.

    Manoj Kumar
    A Very Happy Parent
  • It was a wonderful evening and all the efforts put in by students and teachers alike was very evident. Congratulations to all the teachers and staff for having put on a wonderful show!
    Saad Papa
    Ayaan's Father