Music and the Child

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October 20, 2015
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Music and the Child

It is a popular and well-known fact that reading to a child is beneficial towards the development of language. In the West, mothers would read books to their child. Whereas in the East until the 60s, stories would be told, mostly by the grandparent, as nuclear families were unheard of. Post that, mothers started reading to their baby/toddler.

Research has proven the fact that when a baby or toddler made to listen to classical music and when the baby is sung to, the child develops a keen interest in music and are able to sing well.

This fact is not so popular. Probably because the ABCs are considered far more important than the DoReMi or the SaaReGaa.

Mothers, grandmothers and nannies have sung lullabies to the young child from time immemorial. Of late, young mothers are more self – conscious and sing only if they are happy with their voice. Or, they resort to the more easily accessible recorded music on their elaborate music systems or their mp3 players or their mobile phones.

I can say from my personal experience that singing to your baby and to your young toddler manifests itself into a confident singer/musician in your child. I cannot sing in tune but everyday, every hour, I would sing to my daughter, Emm. Today, at 6, people praise her singing. I have seen another mum who couldn’t sing for nuts. But she would sing to her baby at bathtime (totally out of tune) and when the baby slept. That girl at 10 years of age was winning singing competitions.

Go ahead and sing to your child. Sing with gust and enjoy it. Irrespective of how off-tune the song is, you will see the twinkle in your baby’s eyes. Start doing the actions for the rhymes. Repeat the songs you sing, everyday. Once your baby starts to sit up he/she will join you in doing the actions to those songs and that is when you will know that your baby is listening to you and loves your singing. Happy melodies to you!

Shivamala Narasappa
Shivamala Narasappa
Shivamala has been teaching children using the Montessori methods in India and abroad. She has trained in the USA and has a Diploma in Montessori education from AMI (Association Montessori Internationale along with a Masters in Education (M.Ed.) degree from Loyola college in Maryland (USA). Shivamala also has B.Sc. and MBA degrees.Teaching and working with children is a passion, that inspired her to start her own Montessori pre-school in Richmond town, Bangalore.

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