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Footprint Montessori – House of Children is an authentic Montessori school, following the pure Montessori way of learning.

Footprint Montessori was founded in 2009, offering programs for students aged from 1year, 6 months onwards to 6 years of age. Children join us as Toddlers in to our beautiful Nursery, also known as the “Infants Community”, which is specially designed keeping the Montessori principles in mind, where children can learn through play. This is similar to what is known as play-group, with a much advanced curriculum.

They then move to the Pre-Primary environment .By now, they are about 2 years and 6 months old. Once they are 4 years of age, they progress to the Lower Kindergarten (LKG) and then the Upper Kindergarten (UKG) at 5 years of age.

As an authentic Montessori school, our curriculum and programs are designed to build a strong foundation in academics, as well as social, emotional, physical and moral development. This approach encourages a child’s independence, self-motivation, and decision-making skills. Our school provides a program which is child centric.

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