Celebrating Ramzan

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October 20, 2015
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October 20, 2015
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Celebrating Ramzan


Festivals are celebrated in a montessori environment, based on the geographical location of the school and the demographic composition of the school.

We at Footprint Montessori celebrate Christmas, Deepawali, Eid, and Onam (in alphabetical order, with no particular preference to any culture), with much fervour.

As the academic year began, July brought in Eid ul Fitr, the feast which marks the culmination of the month of Ramzan.

Children, very enthusiastically, came dressed in colourful ethnic clothes to celebrate the day. One teacher explained to the children the significance of the festival. The older ones understand every word and even have questions; the younger ones just absorbs the spoken word into their sub-conscious. But they all know that the occasion is of sublime importance.

They were told how to greet and wish each other on the occasion. Later at snack time, a traditional sweet called sheer korma was a served. One parent sent a large dish of Falooda which is also prepared for the occasion. Children tasted the flavours of the feast and celebrated a certain oneness with each other.

Shivamala Narasappa
Shivamala Narasappa
Shivamala has been teaching children using the Montessori methods in India and abroad. She has trained in the USA and has a Diploma in Montessori education from AMI (Association Montessori Internationale along with a Masters in Education (M.Ed.) degree from Loyola college in Maryland (USA). Shivamala also has B.Sc. and MBA degrees.Teaching and working with children is a passion, that inspired her to start her own Montessori pre-school in Richmond town, Bangalore.

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