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A Word from our Principal.

Some may think it a daunting task to choose a school for their child; Footprint Montessori acknowledges the challenge while providing a wonderful solution. Not only are you selecting where and how your child will be educated, but also where he or she will grow into a confident, capable young person. You are choosing an educational home where your child will love learning, feel valued, and be an active contributor to the community. That is why our admission process is designed to give you many different opportunities to assess whether this is the right school for your child. I urge you to attend all the learning opportunities that are a part of our admissions process. I hope you'll come and learn with us.

Shivamala Narasappa

Since 2005, Shivamala has been teaching children using the Montessori methods in India and abroad. She has trained in the USA and has a Diploma in Montessori education from AMI (Association Montessori Internationale along with a Masters in Education (M.Ed.) degree from Loyola college in Maryland (USA). Shivamala also has B.Sc. and MBA degrees.Teaching and working with children is a passion, that inspired her to start her own Montessori pre-school in Richmond town, Bangalore.


Being a Montessori Teacher is not a job but a special calling.

All our teachers, whom we call Montessori Guides/Adults are Montessori trained and they hold Diplomas from esteemed training institutes in Bangalore. They are passionate about what they do and it is with strong conviction that they pursue this career.

The Footprint Montessori Family

All our teachers, whom we call Montessori Guides are Montessori trained and they hold Diplomas from esteemed training institutes in Bangalore. They are passionate about what they do and it is with strong conviction that they pursue this career.

Jayashree M.

Jayashree has been associated with Footprint Montessori for 5 years. She feels that it is a privilege to have the opportunity to teach children. Her passion is so deep, that she travels a long distance every day to teach them at Footprint Montessori. Jayshree likes to bond with children, help them gain confidence, which thereby enables them to be confident, along with learning and growing. She believes that children have innate potentials which when tapped, brings out the best in them. Just like Dr. Maria Montessori, she too likes to provide the world to the young children.

Mahmooda Ayub

Mahmooda has been associated with Footprint Montessori for 5 years. Mahmooda often says that she feels she could continue to work with children all her life. She had decided to be a teacher ever since she was studying in college. Mahmooda has the ability to perceive what the child feels and is able to comfort them when they are upset. Irrespective of the circumstances, she feels that it is the positive energy in her that attracts children towards her. She likes to take on each child’s development as her own responsibility and she sincerely works towards it.

Nikeeta Gwalani

Nikeeta has been associated with Footprint Montessori for 3 years. She is a Commerce graduate and holds a Diploma in Montessori Education from Modern Montessori Internationale (Singapore). She enjoys nurturing the little ones in our environment and works with them to realize their full potential. Nikeeta's love for being with children manifests in her approach towards their learning and activities, in order to groom and develop their overall personality. Her resolve to make a difference in each child’s life shines forth as she works with them.

Umadevi M

Uma joined Footprint Montessori in its very first year as a young and spirited assistant. She then did her Montessori training, where she trained under the most senior trainer in Bangalore, Mrs Meenakshi Sivaramakrishnan. She worked for a good 5 years, before taking a maternity break for 2 years and joined us again this June. Her passion for working with children shows through in her work and the children's love for her..

Kanchan Wadhwani

Kanchan joined us this June, after her training at IMTC Koramangala. She has an arts degree from Loreto College in Kolkata. Kanchan has blended in as though she has been here for years and never seemed like a newcomer. From day one, she has been very comfortable around children and they too accept her as though they know her well. She is known for precision and perfection. Young at heart, she yearns for giving the child her best!

Mansi Parmar

Mansi Parmar has done her Montessori Pre-primary training from IMTC Malleshwaram, with a history of working in the apparel and fashion industry. Her journey to become a teacher started when she realized, that this platform could let her connect with curious, young minds and bring in a positive change in their lives. As a teacher she loves to play a role in helping them express themselves, inculcate good values and teach not just lessons from books but lessons of life. She is very happy that she gets to share beautiful moments with all the children on a daily basis and she believes nothing in this world could make her more compassionate and satisfied!

Razia Ali

Razia has been associated with Footprint Montessori since May 2017. She has been trained under the Indian Montessori Training Centre, Bangalore. She loves to find an opportunity to work with young children and make a difference in their lives and make an impact in a meaningful way. She enjoys working with varied and different experiences every day. According to Razia teaching is fun, and there are plenty of opportunities to be creative in conveying information to young people. There’s the chance to inspire children the way you were inspired.